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10 Actors Who Took their Teeth to the Extreme With Cosmetic Dentistry

| August 28, 2017

It’s no secret that some of Hollywood’s most celebrated and successful stars have gone to outrageous lengths to alter their appearances for the sake of bringing movie heroes or villains to life. However, did you know that they’ve even been known to chip away at their famous million-dollar smiles with cosmetic dentistry in order to land a role? Talk about commitment to your craft! Check out Tinsel town’s top 10 tooth transformations:

1. Robert DeNiro: Cape Fear (1991) While readying himself for the challenge of embodying vengeful and homicidal Max Cady, DeNiro went so far as to pay a dentist $5000 to “grind up” his teeth for a crazed, menacing appearance.  Read More…

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