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ASK THE LAWYER By: Daniel A. Gwinn, Esq.

| February 27, 2016

Dan Gwin new photoQUESTION: I rent out a room in my house and I need to kick out my roommate.  I told him he needs to go and he is refusing.  My friends told me to just throw his stuff out onto the lawn.  Can I do that?

ANSWER:  The short answer is no.  You should not just throw his stuff out onto the lawn.  If you were to do so, you could open yourself up to potential liability.  You must evict your roommate through the court system. In Michigan, landlord/tenant issues are usually handled at the district court in which the property is located.

The process differs depending on the circumstances of your case. Is the reason for eviction due to nonpayment of rent or another reason?  Do you have a written lease?  If yes, what are the terms of that lease, especially regarding lease termination?  There are several steps that need to be taken. A lawyer can help you navigate the process to ensure that all of the proper steps are taken so that you may successfully evict your roommate.

The lawyers at GWINN TAURIAINEN PLLC are experienced attorneys and are happy to answer your questions. Give us a call for a free initial telephone consultation about your legal needs. For consideration of your questions in our web column, please submit your inquiry on the “Contact Us” page of our website at

By: Daniel A. Gwinn, Esq.

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