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Avy Schreiber – Pianist, Vocalist, Musician

| October 2, 2015

avy bio-picAs a teenager, Avy Schreiber began to understand the scope of his talent one afternoon while walking with his father in suburban Detroit. Passing a construction site, Avy nonchalantly said, “That drill is in the key of D, Dad.”

He didn’t yet realize what a gift perfect pitch can be, but that would all change.

Thus began an international career as a singer, pianist, and songwriter that has taken Avy to Carnegie Hall in New York City, The White House, Hong Kong and Jerusalem. With an infallible ear and world-renowned acclaim, Avy leads fellow musicians in a cappella performances with such groups as Kol Zimra and Beat’achon. His credits include eight albums, for which he wrote, arranged and performed various songs and performances with musicians from all over the globe.

When not on the concert stage, Avy provides music for all types of events including weddings, cocktail parties, corporate functions, philanthropic dinners and bar/bat mitzvahs. He performs both as a solo musician and with specialized musical ensembles that he creates for individual clients’ needs.

Let Avy “set the tone” for your upcoming event, and the memories will last a lifetime.

Pianist – Avy’s piano talents have brought him to countless private homes, concert venues, restaurants, and unique locations such as the U.S. Supreme Court in March of 2007. He is equally comfortable in the background, creating atmosphere; as a concert vocal/piano performer; or leading a group who just wants to have fun singing their favorite songs. He has catered to all ages from 2 to 102 (without exaggeration).

Vocalist – With his heart-melting ballads and dance-inspiring rockers, Avy has performed at such illustrious venues as Carnegie Hall and Town Hall in New York City, the White House, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, and countless locations locally and around the country. Here is just a small sampling of his vocal prowess – and the reviews keep on coming…

One man Band – A great alternative to either a band (more expensive) or a DJ (too impersonal) – Avy programs his keyboard with classic and current hits of all genres, and tops it off with his stellar vocals. Motown, swing, classic rock, oldies, ballads – he can customize his sets to fit your tastes. It’s as good as the real thing!

Other Musicians – Brass quintet for your ceremony? Harpist for your cocktail hour? Mariachi band, string quartet, bagpipes…ask Avy about his reliable, professional stable of performers he hires in his stead. Avy only works with the best – such as the groups in these musical samples.

Jewish Events – Search no further – Avy is a consummate, expert professional for Jewish parties, with a lifetime of experience. Whatever your religious denomination, he is the go-to man for all your musical needs:

  • Full band – five pieces and upwards
    • Avy’s band comprises the best talent in town, and he’s equally comfortable with solely Jewish music or incorporating secular dancing as well.
  • Bandleader with your band of choice
    • Nouveaute, Simone Vitale, L’USA, Nightline – these are a few of the local Detroit bands Avy has transformed into authentic “simcha” bands for a rockin’ hora dance set!
  • One-man (or two-man) hora dance band
    • Avy and his keyboard turn into an 8-piece band! With carefully programmed, energetic instrument parts, it’s the closest thing to an actual live band. Option to incorporate an additional singer or other instruments.
  • Live piano/vocal candlelighting ceremonies
    • A wonderful, elegant alternative to a DJ for the candle-lighting.
  • Chazzan (cantor) for wedding ceremonies
  • Solo pianist for cocktail hours/receptions
  • KOL ZIMRA – Jewish A Cappella
    • Founded in 2000, Kol Zimra has entertained audiences around the world. See the Kol Zimra website,, for additional details, reviews, and samples that will blow you away! Can combine with Avy’s one-man band, or a full band.


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