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Using Your Teeth As Tools Can Cause A Cracked Tooth

| October 23, 2017

Teeth are not meant to be used as tools. Many people learn that the hard way by breaking a tooth while attempting to use their teeth for something it wasn’t made to handle. For example, trying to crack a nut with your pearly whites can lead straight to a cracked tooth. I’ll admit my mom used to warn me when she’d catch me trying to open a package with my teeth, “You’ll crack your teeth and you’ll be sorry!”  Another bad habit I had was chewing on ice and if my mom ever caught me, she would go crazy!  But I’m glad she did because I have broken those bad habits of my youth, and luckily I haven’t broken a tooth to date. A cracked tooth is a common problem, but it isn’t one that you should take lightly.

Dentist regularly hear scenarios just like these:

“I was eating a piece of popcorn when…crack! My tooth broke.”

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