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Dear Christine, Wondering in Westland

| February 20, 2017

Dear Christine,

I have a friend that’s just went through a male to female sex change he is a lot happier now. But just as bad as he wanted to be girl there’s a girl out there that wants to be a guy just as bad. Imagine ok Sarah hates being a girl and wants to be a guy while Greg wants to be a Girl. You take Sarah and Greg put them in a machine and switch their minds. Now Greg is Sarah and Sarah is Greg the both get what they want. Greg in Sarah’s body can still have kids and same Sarah can still have kids in Greg’s body. Then they both can go on happily living their lives. It saves surgery both Sarah is a real biological guy while Greg is a real biological Girl,

Do u think that something like this could happen? OR be able to make a guy who wants to be a girl an Actual Girl that can have periods and can have kids and make a girl a guy and actual guy that can still have kids. Would this be possible in the future?

Wondering in Westland

Dear Wondering,

You have an interesting proposition for a science fiction novel of movie! At this point in time, organs and skin can be transplanted, but brains cannot be “put in a machine and switched! It has only been a couple of years that a face transplant was first done, and that caused a stir, as faces are very personal and how most of us identify each other. Of course, my face looks like me on my skull with my bone structure and it would probably look different on your skull. But the mind stands alone.

A new technology of regeneration has moved from science fiction to reality. Various body parts can be grown in a lab from parts, from the esophagus, to the heart, lungs and even the vagina. A structure for stem cells, using a 3D printer basing measurements on the patient’s own physical needs, grows stem cells and then is implanted in the body, where the replacement part will grow and function normally. I don’t know enough to know whether a transgender person will be able to grow their new genitals yet, but that would definitely improve the functioning of these organs. This new regenerative medicine movement creates replacement parts such as knees, noses and kidneys as well. There is also a mechanical interface to help someone with a prosthetic, mechanical arm was linked to the brain. When the patient would think about eating a candy bar, and the arm/hand moved to pick up the candy bar and move it to the person’s mouth. Dr. William Wagner at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh is working on this Borg like future for human beings who need a transplant, which has no rejection by the body and allows for custom made replacement parts.

So, ten years ago, most replacement parts were in the realm of science fiction only. Science and medicine keep researching ways to combat disease and disorders. I’m not going to hold my breath to find out when a brain transfer or mind meld will occur. Christine Cantrell

Christine C. Cantrell, PhD
1026 W. 11 Mile Rd,
Suite C
Royal Oak, MI 48067

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