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Am I eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

| December 4, 2017

To receive benefits under the Social Security disability and SSI programs, you must have physical or mental health problems (or a combination of problems) severe enough to keep you from working in any regular, paying job for at least 12 months. The test is not whether you can go back to your old job. The test is whether you are capable of doing jobs that exist in the national economy in significant numbers.

Choosing a representative can be a difficult and confusing process. Here are a few examples of what sets Social Security Justice apart from the “big firms”:

  • You meet and/or talk to your attorney immediately and not for the first time at the day of your hearing like at the “big firms.”
  • In the Detroit Metropolitan area, Social Security Justice will come to you for the intake.
  • Social Security Justice waives most expenses (i.e. medical records, copying charges); expenses are something the “big firms” charge hundreds of dollars for on top of their fee.
  • A case advocate is assigned to every case and is available to help with resources to get you through until your case is won.
  • You are guaranteed that your phone call will be returned within 24 hours.
  • You are guaranteed that you will be represented by an attorney.
  • Social Security Justice is dedicated to getting you the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible!


Social Security Justice – call us: 800-715-2088

Our Promise: No fees unless you win, no hidden charges!


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