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Pelee Island Bike Ride

| June 18, 2018 | Reply

pelee1Meet in Leamington Ontario
500 Erie Street, Leamington, Ontario, N8H 3E5

Ferry Leaves Promptly at 10:00am! – Try to be there 45 minutes early to buy tickets and board the boat.  Ride take 1 hour 30 minutes  Ferry Site link

Bicycles-$3.75    Adults-$7.50

Two options for return boat to Leamington 4:00pm or 8:00pm

pelee mapppWe will loop the island which is primarily hard packed dirt roads and gravel.  It’s about 20+ miles and we stop often for photo ops, wading in the water and our favorite soft serve ice cream stand that appears just when you need it! There are short cuts across the island if 20 is too long for you.  Very few cars!

The day includes lunch at Westview Tavern which is back near the boat dock and/or on to Pelee Island Winery:

winery2As home to the oldest estate winery in Canada, Pelee Island has a tradition richly steeped in winemaking. Beginning in 1866 with Vin Villa Winery, an industry was born on the Island that would flourish until the early 1900’s. While the wine industry decreased through the early 19th century, rum runners thrived as Prohibition was introduced into the United States. Using Pelee Island as a stopping point as they travelled across the lake, the Island was an important port during these years of contraband activity.

Pelee Island Link

Winery Link




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