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Holiday Shopping-The Perfect Pet!

| November 30, 2017


It’s time to start planning your gifts for the holidays early! Starting NOW until Christmas Eve (December 24th) if you buy a FULL hermit crab setup, you will receive TWO FREE SMALL CARIBBEAN HERMIT CRABS! (or $3 off of any other hermit crab including: small polished shell Caribbean hermit crabs, small painted shell hermit crabs, large painted shell hermit crabs, large Caribbean hermit crabs, jumbo Caribbean hermit crabs, and Strawberry hermit crabs!)

Hermit crabs are incredibly low maintenance, social, and interesting pets, making them a great option for people of all ages! PLUS, their setups are pretty inexpensive and easy to set up! As always, we are more than willing to hold an animal and setup for you until Christmas Eve if everything is paid for in full (holding will begin on Black Friday)

A full setup includes:
-AT LEAST a 10 gallon aquarium
-A 5 lb. bag of sand or T-Rex Beach Path
-A bag of ground coconut husk such as Brian Barczyk’s Reptile Prime, Exo Terra Plantation Soil, or Zoo Med Reptisoil
-A 5.5″ heat lamp dome with a 60W heat bulb OR appropriately sized heating pad
-A hide such as natural coconut dome homes, Exo Terra reptile caves, Fluker’s Castle Cribs, and more!
-TWO water dishes (one shallow and one deep enough for the crab to submerge itself in)
-Freshwater conditioner (either made by Fluker’s or Zoo Med)
-Saltwater conditioner (either made by Fluker’s or Zoo Med)
-Hermit crab food (Repashy, Fluker’s, Pisces, Omega One)
-A branch for the crab to climb on (Grapewood, manzanita, cholla cactus)
-Extra shells for the crabs to grow into
-A sponge for the hermit crabs to drink from

*This is only while supplies last! With cold weather quickly closing in, it may be tough for us to get hermit crabs shipped to us, so if we are out of them at the time, you will be issued a $6 store credit (to be used ONLY on hermit crabs) and called when we receive more. We’ll be stocking up this week, so hopefully we’ll have enough, but if not, we’ll take care of you!*

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