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How to keep your resolutions

| January 10, 2016

resolutions aEvery year people make New Year’s Resolutions that are often hard to keep. Here are a few ways to help keep you on track.

  1. Be Realistic

If you make your goals unattainable, you will definitely fail. Saying you’re giving up all carbs or never having a glass of wine just won’t work. Don’t deprive yourself the thing you enjoy. Most healthy diet plans agree to just limit the foods we know aren’t that great for us.  Have half the bun or do your sandwich open face. 

  1. Make a Plan

Write it down! Plan your exercise and diet plan by writing it down and then continue to write every day and chart your progress. Write down everything you eat and drink.  It’s amazing when you start writing it down how easy it is to overeat.  There are several free aps that allow you to track what you eat and the progress you’re making. Use one, they work.

  1. Share it with a friend of make it public on Facebook

Telling others your plan will help hold you accountable and better yet, find a friend to take the journey with and hold each other accountable. Get a workout buddy or find someone to talk you down when you feel the urge to run out for ice cream.

  1. Know why you’re doing it

Why do you want to make the change you’ve chosen for your resolution? Is it for you, for someone else? Is it important enough to keep you motivated?  If you have a real clear motive for doing something, you’re more likely to achieve your goal.  Write down the whys?

  1. Get over the hump

The first few days are the hardest to get through but after the first week, you should be on a roll and less likely to undo all the work you’ve put in. It’s easy to break the plan in the first couple days because there’s not a huge investment.  Be strong for a few days. It’ll pay off.

  1. Don’t give up

If you slip, it’s ok but if you wind up eating a pound of chocolate for lunch, don’t think you’ve blown the whole day and decide restart tomorrow. Restart right after the binge. Same thing if you’re trying to quit smoking or anything else. Get right back on the wagon immediately.

  1. Treat Yourself

When you’ve reached a milestone, treat yourself with something other than the thing you’re giving up. A new outfit, mini vacation or a day off work is a well-deserved reward for a job well done.  And don’t forget to brag.  It’ll feel great when your “friends” on social media congratulate you. 

Good luck meeting all of your goals for 2016.


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