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One Vehicle Households: by Beth Bashert

| May 15, 2017

Lisa and I have had one car for about 20 of our nearly 27 years together. I sell cars, so my clients and friends are often surprised at this choice of ours. I mean, I could drive any vehicle I want… right? The Mosaic Car does not count, that is art — not transportation.

The truth is, we LIKE having one car. Sharing a vehicle has increased our communication skills, forced us to be flexible with each other, reinforced our relationship through increased time and planning, and it saves us money. We only need to insure, repair, and replace one car. Between the two of us, we drive slightly over average miles (about 17K per year).

We are not alone in this. Here is an article I ran across about another person’s experience sharing a vehicle with a spouse: http://one%20vehicle%20experience/

There are sacrifices, as there are with all decisions. Lisa is committed and limited to employment near our home — it has to be walkable or bikeable. We bug our kids to borrow a car about twice a month. Our car is bigger than we would choose otherwise, because if you have one vehicle in a household it has to meet EVERY need. There is no back up plan.

Turns out, this is a trend among urban and younger households. In general, these households are likely to buy and own fewer vehicles than the boomer generation did.

I talk with clients who either have, or want to have, one vehicle total in their household. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t for them. Sharing a vehicle is more work, and not everyone can be as flexible as Lisa and I are (most of the time).

How many cars are in your household?

If you are a one car household, how does it go for you? Any good stories? Do you recommend it?

Do you think this is a legitimate trend?

I have been a member of the Ann Arbor community for over 30 years. My car_buying_made_easy_cudl_927e496d01992family and myself have been actively involved in our local community, we donate money to our neighborhood association for car sales to my neighbors. I am a foodie, wine maker and movie-phile. I worked first in the restaurant business then in non-profit organizations and most recently in the Auto Industry. Dunning Toyota has been my employer for over 6 years. It is a great place to work and buy cars from.
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