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You Are Not Alone….by, Adele’s Caring Angels

| November 11, 2018

You Are Not Alone….

The journey in caregiving comes with a sacrifice of oneself when giving care to your loved one. The routine that we’re used to following comes to a halt. Some of us have jobs and families to tend to daily. Now, there is another responsibility that must be included in our daily lives.

“What am I going to do”, is the question that comes to mind?

Watching our parents from the time we’re born to the day we realize that they to need our assistance is when we fight within ourselves with the reality of our parents aging. If we sit back and think about when we were growing up, our parents were our caregivers. They assisted us in every way possible. It wasn’t always easy and sometimes they to needed help to make things a bit easier.

How many of us thought about what it would be like when our parents began to age?

How many of us thought about what we would do or who would be there to assist them when they needed us the most?

About 1% have thought about those two questions while growing up, even if we didn’t have a solid answer about what we would do or even if there were other siblings to consider.

Stepping into our caregiving roles is a pair of shoes we can not avoid. Sometimes, it can be emotional and depressing watching our loved one decline.  We must learn and understand that we must stay strong and positive. We must remember that our loved one is going through a tough time realizing that they’re not as independent any more. Our parents don’t want to bother us, nor do they want to have their daily lives and routine to change.

Keep our aging parents safe and independent as possible is key.

Keep our loved ones active in their communities.

Keep them creative and motivated like choosing what they want to wear, family and social outings.

Keep their cognitive abilities activated. If they can speak, read and write there is hope!


Just because our aging parent was diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Cancer or any other deteriorating condition, doesn’t mean that they’re helpless or hopeless. Limiting their decision-making abilities or treating them like children won’t help them fight the disease. It will only increase the progression of it. If our loved one begins to forget what happened 5 minutes ago or if they see people from the past that have moved on is a sign of confusion within themselves.

These are the times, when we need to step in and bring our loved one back to reality. Helping them to remember what happened 5 minutes ago in a calm and welcoming voice. Helping them to remember that the loved one they’re seeing has passed on long ago.

Being honest is the best policy!

Guilt within ourselves when we witness our loved one decline is when our strength and perseverance is needed the most.  We must now have patience and learn what we need to do to keep our loved one Comfortable and Happy.

Being Overwhelmed and Frustrated comes with the role as being a caregiver.


Whether gathering with family members to construct a family care team that can assist with the care of your loved one. Or, to reach out to outside resources that may be able to assist in the care of your loved one keeping them safe and at home.

Adele’s Caring Angels Caregiver Service LLC is a Non-Medical and Hospice home care agency that provides personal care services to seniors.

Our Mission is to provide excellent care to our valued clients, advocate for their rights, and personify the compassion of a caring angel.



Our clients and their families feel cared for and supported.

We listen closely, show empathy and respond to the needs of our clients.


We provide Non-Medical and Hospice home care to our clients with the highest, professional, ethical, and safety standards.

We demonstrate honesty, commitment, and loyalty to our clients and their families.


Our clients and their families can rely on us to be on time!

We keep our commitments as promised.

We at Adele’s Caring Angels Caregiver Service LLC are caregivers to and have also been caregivers to our loved ones!

Your Are Not Alone!

Remember, we can stand together and be strong for the benefit of your loved one and family.

Call Today!

(313) 414-0065

We Are Bonded & Insured



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