10 Ways to Get Your Groove Back

  1. Give any heartfelt compliments to people you meet every day. Tell someone they look nice today, that they have a nice smile, or even that you love their shoes and ask where they got them.
  2. You may not feel like heading to the gym or getting in a workout in but ask yourself this, have you ever gone to the gym and not felt better afterwards? You’ll walk out feeling healthier and proud of yourself. Exercise is a natural mood enhancer.
  3. Clean up your home and get organized. People who live in clean, organized homes are happier and more productive. If you don’t like housecleaning, hire someone!
  4. Go buy a new outfit. Take someone with you who will get you out of your comfort zone. Splurge on something expensive that makes you look and feel great.
  5. Start smiling when you’re out and about. Smile at everyone you pass on the street, at checkout clerks, servers in restaurants and especially friends and family. Smiling makes you feel confident.
  6. Perform a random act of kindness. Do something to help someone less fortunate, and expect nothing in return.
  7. Get involved in your community. Start a group, join a group, volunteer.
  8. Are you stuck in a job you don’t like or even hate? Life is too short for that. Start sending out resumes today. Find something you love even if it pays a little less.
  9. Plan something fun for your family or friends. Look for something you’ve never done before and give it a try.
  10. Lose a little weight. Even losing just 5 pounds will improve your health and make you feel more confident.
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