Control the Sheds! by Premier Pet Supply

If hair in the house is a constant struggle for you, you are not alone. Luckily, we’re here to help. Although some dog breeds simply shed more than others, there are some tips you can try to keep shedding to a minimum. The first defense toward shedding is a proper diet. A balanced diet that rich in nutrients and high…

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Ask The Lawyer By: Daniel A. Gwinn, Esq, Payroll Taxes?

TRUMP PAYROLL TAX DEFERMENT – EXTRA MONEY NOW, DOUBLE TAXES LATER QUESTION:  I read that President Trump issued an Executive Order getting rid of Social Security taxes until December. So far, I haven’t seen anything more in my paycheck. When does it start? ANSWER: First, a point of clarification: The president’s August 8, 2020, Memorandum (not quite the same as an Executive Order)…

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Ask The Lawyer By: Daniel A. Gwinn, Esq

GET NEW MASK OR GET NEW JOB: WORKER’S ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ MASK CAUSES TROUBLE QUESTION:  Wearing a mask is mandatory where I work, in a large retail establishment. While most people just wear plain medical-looking masks, others personalize their masks, with patterns or colors etc. I decided to wear a black mask with the letters BLM (for Black Lives Matter)…

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