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Clutter and Mess Equals Stress.

We all feel overwhelmed at times when our home or office space gets out of control. We might even feel the urge to do something about it. It can be difficult to start when you’re already feeling stressed, and some of us have a hard time parting with things that we no longer need or use. Studies have now discovered that stress if definitely liked to clutter and mess.

When clothes are piling up on the bedroom floor, the sink is full of dishes, countertops are covered with junk mail and closets are cluttered and unorganized, we feel stressed out. Not only do we have to worry about someone stopping by unexpectantly, it makes us feel bad.

Research done at University of California, Los Angeles, led by anthropologists, social scientists, and archaeologists, did a study of three dozen families and their relationships to the state of their homes. Families with unclean, messy and disorganized homes tended to suffer more from anxiety, low self-esteem and even feelings of guilt and embarrassment than those with neat, clean and organizes homes. In fact, the worse the condition of the home, the greater the symptoms.

An article in Psychology Today suggests that the reasons a messy and cluttered house leads to stress is that clutter overstimulates our minds which causes our senses to work overtime. Clutter also draws our attention away from the things we should be focusing on making it feel like our work is never going to get done. In addition, a cluttered home can prevent us from finding important paperwork or our car keys, wallet or phone. Clutter simply makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally.

Fortunately, clutter may be one of the easiest life stressors to fix. Though it might seem overwhelming, start a little at a time, perhaps one room or one closet. You don’t have to do it alone either. Get the family involved or a friend who can help you decide what to pitch, donate or sell and what to keep. A reputable housekeeping service can assist in getting your home clean and organized in no time at all. Letting the housekeeping pros assist, can really help reduce the stress.

We have enough things to feel stressed about in life. Don’t allow your home to be one of them. With a little work and commitment, your home can be a place of peace and tranquility.  At Reflections Extreme Clean, we can help you achieve your housekeeping goals so you can come home after a long day and just relax and unwind.

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