Dangers of Truvada

Our marketing materials for the Truvada lawsuit are ready. If your organization would like a packet in the mail please inbox us or give me a call 313 673 5472! It is vital that individuals who have taken Truvada (Atripla, Complera, Viread, Stibild, and Genovya) are aware of the dangers of the drug. Truvada is shown to cause kidney failure and bone density loss causing severe bone pain and osteoporosis. There is a lot of false information out there and scams. There are many websites that look legitimate but are just selling peoples information. The National HIV/AIDS Disability Project (NHADP) is the only legal organization in the country by and for people with HIV. If you would like someone to come to your agency and speak to your organization please call and set up an appointment or inbox us.

You can visit NHADP.org for more information.

National HIV/AIDS Disability Project

Goals and Visions

  • NHADP provides people living with HIV/AIDS vital legal advocacy through our disclosure project; civil rights advocacy; ADA advocacy; and Social Security assistance.
  • NHADP advocates for the decriminalization of HIV/AIDS.
  • NHADP develops programs that reduce stigma for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • NHADP offers advocacy for clients, including case management, access to physician care and medication, housing, transportation, and a variety of other resources.
  • Clients are assigned case advocates who work with physicians toward a positive end result. The case advocate assists in gaining resources clients need to survive until Social Security benefits are won.
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