Dear Christine, A Hot Mess in Madison Heights

Dear Christine, I’ve never done this before, I’m sorry if it’s a mess. I feel like I’m a burden to everyone. I try my hardest to do good and stay happy to not put the burden of me on anyone. But I mess things up and make mistakes constantly and all my hard work trying to stay positive about things just falls back down. I just had my baby almost 8 weeks ago and i love him he makes my world spin around. But I’m still not okay. I look at myself and I don’t like what I see. I hate my body. I am constantly in my phone because I try to distract myself while I’m around family and people. I have anxiety with most of everything. I overthink everything.  I have a great boyfriend who’s the father of my baby. But I don’t think he realizes or notices because I try and keep it to myself. We argue about the little things but we always end up fine at the end of the day. There are times I am generally happy and I love it and I forget about everything but it always comes creeping back. I’m just not okay I  don’t harm myself or try. I know I have things to live for. Like my baby and our family’s future. But I don’t talk about anything to anyone. I keep it bottled up and I think that bottle is getting a bit full and I can’t keep it hidden anymore. I’m sorry it’s a mess I never done this before.Signed, A Hot Mess in Madison Heights

Dear Hot Mess, It sounds like you are going through a difficult time.  Have you talked to your OB about post partum depression?  It could be affecting you, as your baby is so new.  Hormones surge then ebb with pregnancy, delivery and after giving birth.  There are medications that might help you feel more positive.  Also, talk therapy could help, just having an adult who isn’t involved listen might help. Check out this website for further information:;S;PH;UB;WH;DTC;CON&utm_term=partum%20depression&utm_content=Condition%20Information_Postpartum_E&gclid=CKuoq7OxpOYCFWOMxQIdTAMBqg&gclsrc=ds
Call your OB and talk about post partum depression.  Make an appointment with a therapist who can spend more time talking with you than your OB.  I recommend that you check with your insurance website or their customer care office to locate a therapist who is on panel.  Other web-based referrals that give you some helpful info on therapists to help you decide are and Psychology Today’s referral website.  Both sites give you info on what insurances the therapist takes, what their educational background and their specialties as well as their location.  
You deserve good support at this time.  Your amazing body has gone through so many changes to give you your precious baby!  That definitely takes a toll on you physically and emotionally.
Let me know how you are doing and what your OB says.  That doc might even have some therapist referrals for you that have experience in post partum depression.  Take care. Christine Cantrell, PhD,Psychologist

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