Dear Christine, Troubled in Troy

Dear Christine,

what should i do about homophobic co worker? im 21 year old woman and im out to everyone at work, all my co workers have all met my partner Sara, anyway i have people working under me several people in fact and theres this co worker whom im in a higher position but im not in charge of her, she makes fun of my sexuality, at an office party she made horrible remarks to my girlfriend, recently she insulted me and i had enough so i started to shout but i got a pain and chest and couldnt breathe, anyway it was a panic attack because i suffer from anxiety, it made me realise that i must do something, what can i do? Troubled in Troy

Dear Troubled,

Wow! Since you have anxiety, I’d really recommend that you contact a therapist to work on some cognitive-behavioral techniques to cope with the anxiety, and/or your doctor about getting an anti-anxiety medication for just these situations. I’m sorry you’re going through this at your workplace, but unfortunately, it’s still a common occurrence. Talk to your colleagues about their take on this one mean person, as there’s safety in numbers. Also seek advice from and talk to your boss and/or your union representative, if you’re in a union. Find out if there’s any policy against harassment on the job that you can rely on.

It probably won’t help matters for you to shout back at this mean person, as you will be stooping to her level, which is juvenile. Do your best to ignore her and her comments and not rise to her bait. Getting angry gives her power over your life and your well-being. Try to avoid her or at least limit time when you’re around her. She’s toxic and not worth your time and energy. Take care,


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