Eco Friendly Products are safe for pets, why you might ask?

Eco Friendly Products are safe for pets, why you might ask?

Choosing eco friendly cleaning products is important for your pets, especially if they are young, old, or ill … just like us. 

Green cleaning products that are safe and non toxic are often talked about for people due to the increase in asthma and cancer and an increasing awareness of the link between the two. We do not, however, hear about our beloved cats and dogs. In fact it is even more important for them because of their increased sensitivity and shorter life spans.

Designing and maintaining a pet friendly environment is important for the pet owner in the home, for example selecting GREEN household cleaning products that are pet friendly.

Animals have been found to be more susceptible to cleaning products than we are. They are closer to the ground where the dust particles with all of the toxins fall. They even lay on the carpet that is releasing formaldehyde and harboring nasty chemicals in the glues and fibers.

Furthermore, their feet pads are sensitive and will absorb the chemicals.

What you can do:

Switch over to Green cleaning products!!!! 

So do your part and give your pets a greener life today by reaching out to Reflections Extreme Clean for all your cleaning needs. Guaranteed to make a change in your environment. 

Call/Text us today at 248-295-1261 or be sure to send us an email @ 


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