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To make you clean your house faster, it is essential that you know how to do things in the most efficient and fastest way. In this guide, you will learn how to do the most common household cleaning processes in the quickest way.


When dusting, you should follow one rule: always start on top and end on the bottom. Dust falls down. If you dust high places last, the dust will only scatter all around the room, which will force you to dust the room once more.

A long-reach duster is the perfect choice when dusting higher places and hard to reach corners. In case you will need to dust a delicate device or piece of furniture, you may want to use a brush to remove the dust.

The most efficient way of dusting with a piece of cloth is to use a dry microfiber cloth. Dust will easily be carried by it. Wipe the dust and let it fall on the floor. Before you dust your furniture, make sure that your electric fans are turned off, if you have any.

Wipe the dust in one direction only. You must do this to prevent dust from the cloth coming back to the surface of the furniture you are dusting. Go around dusting the room in one direction. If you start dusting clockwise, then go around towards your right until you reach the first place you dusted.


Just like dusting, you must only vacuum towards one direction. If you are not spring-cleaning, just getting over once in every part of your carpet or flooring should be enough. It is advisable that you start in one corner of the room and finish at the room’s doorstep.

Use your vacuum cleaner on your carpet and upholsteries. In case you have cement, tiled, wood, or any kind of hard floor, sweep instead of vacuuming. Sweeping is more efficient and faster than vacuum cleaning. One sweep covers a huge area, while vacuuming only sucks dirt in a small space. Vacuums do not pick up all pieces of tras

You can skip this cleaning task if you want to, as long as your carpet is not yet dirty-looking or if you vacuum it frequently. It is still best that you do clean your carpet if you have some extra time. Also, do not forget to vacuum the spaces below your furniture.

Picking Up Pieces of Trash

Pick up large pieces of trash first. Do not rely on your broom or vacuum cleaner alone. Not only will it make it easier for your broom and vacuum cleaner to remove dust and small pieces of trash, but it will immediately make your room look cleaner.

When picking up garbage, always put a garbage bin near you. If you cannot carry around your bin, you can use a garbage bag instead.


Always bring a clean and dry rag in your pocket when cleaning. Use it to wipe stubborn dirt and to get rid of dust accumulation on your things. If it does not do the job, take a bucket and fill it with water mixed with detergent. Soak your rag in it, and wipe stubborn dirt with the wet rag.


Cleaning is not all about removing trash and clutters in your home. It also includes deodorizing your house and getting rid of awful odors. Remember that a house that smells bad, even if it is clean, is still a dirty house. The easiest way to remove those stinky odors is to let your home breathe. Turn off your air conditioner. Open your doors and windows. Start cleaning. Here’s how you remove smell from an air fryer.

Once you are done cleaning your house, spray some deodorizer in all the rooms. Make sure that you have already sorted and washed your laundry. Take note that one of the biggest contributors of bad smell in your house is your dirty clothes.

Clearing the Garbage Bins

Do not take the garbage bins out of the rooms until you’re finish cleaning. Just fill them up as you clean. Once you are finished cleaning the house, then that is the time you empty those bins. It does not matter if they are full or not. Do not wait for them to be full before you take them out.

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