Fun facts about cats! by Premier Pet Supply

Cats are missing a sweet tooth

That’s right! Cats can’t taste sweets and sugars at all, and if given them, they’ll avoid them. while dogs can taste some sugars and go nuts for them, cats prefer meat flavored treats. This is why you never see fruit flavored cat treats, despite there being a lot of fruit flavored options for dogs.

A cat’s purr mimics a baby’s cry

Well, sometimes. If you wont share your food with your cat and she’s purring, it’s not because she’s happy about it. Some of the high frequency vibrations in s cat’s purr also occur in a baby’s cry. The difference is that humans can’t detect these high pitched noises in cats, but definitely do hear baby’s wails. Lucky for us, because cats beg for our food, a lot.

Feral cats might be responsible for the extinction of some species

Studies have shown that feral cats do a number of things to the environment, including possibly wiping out entire species. When cats are introduced to new environments, such as a tropical island, they will have a dramatic effect on its wildlife. Cats are natural born hunters, but their pray isn’t always equipped to handle them since cats aren’t a natural part of their environment. With this being said, it’s estimated that 33 endangered species of birds and mammals as of 2019have been wiped out completely by feral cats across the world.

Cats sleep for 70% of their lives

If you have a cat, you know they sleep constantly. But if you break it down, imagine if you were only awake for 30% of your day, everyday – it’s kind of shocking! That would mean that cats are only awake for about seven hours each day, and when you think about how most adults don’t even get seven hours of sleep a night, it’s a pretty eye-opening fact!

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