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Family caregivers have reached more 65 million in recent years as more and more of our loved ones are aging. The ideal way to be a good caregiver is to form a team you can count on for help. Multiple people taking on different and responsibilities can provide important support for you, as well as for the person in your care. Caregiving for someone who is ill or injured is hard work and a tremendous responsibility. For the sake of your loved one and yourself, never so no to help when it’s offered.

Caregiver responsibilities can be divided into a number of service providers including, family members, neighbors, health care providers, specialists, nurses, physical therapists, mental health professionals, pharmacists, insurance providers, caregiver services, and even housekeeping and property maintenance services. It’s best when one person can be the coordinator. Remember, communication is vital, not only with the person being cared for, but with the whole team. Each member of the caregiving team should be able to be a part of the decision making and arranging for care.

Here are some idea on how to build an effective caregiving team:

  • Start by creating a list of the areas you need help with.
  • Build the team – Get to know what neighbors your loved one knew and trusted and who is available and willing to help.
  • Communicate with family members and see who is available and willing to help.
  • Put together a list of doctors and medical professionals are involved with your loved one’s care. Don’t hesitate to call them if you have questions.
  • Bring your team together for a meeting to determine who can do what and the hours they have available.
  • Decide together if added help is necessary in the form of paid services and how they will be paid.
  • Exchange phone numbers with the whole team and keep in touch through whatever is most convenient, such as the internet, emails or texting.  
  • Communicate regularly.
  • Set up a rotating schedule for team members.
  • Have a list of to-do chores at hand just in case someone asks if there’s anything they can do, you’ll be able to say, yes.

Your role as facilitator of the team is to make sure you are working toward the same goal and that important health information, including changes in health, is shared with team members. When we are faced with a parent, family member or loved one who needs our help, we can find that we are suddenly and unexpectedly put into the position of caregiver. This might seem overwhelming and you may not know where to begin.  Chances are, if you are new to this role, you will quickly discover you need all the help you can get.

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