Home Improvements You Can Do This Winter

When you own a home, it seems like there’s always a long list of home improvements that you want to get done. Whether the improvements are small, like repainting a room, or large, like remodeling your kitchen, winter is a great time to get done these things started!

Kitchens and bathrooms are on most peoples wish lists for remodeling, especially if it’s been a while. A newly rebuilt kitchen or bathroom can be something that your family will really enjoy, and in addition, will make you home more appealing to a buyer if you ever decide to sell. For a larger or growing family, an additional bathroom can vastly improve your living space. Consider getting it done this winter so you can fully enjoy the months ahead.

Like paint colors, flooring is a very personal choice. Whether you love deep plush carpet or the cleanliness and modern look of hardwood or laminate, it may be time for a change. New flooring can make your home feel like it’s had a major remodeling for a fraction of the cost.

New windows and doors do a lot more than make your house more desirable, they can keep you warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, block out street noise and save money on your heating and cooling bills.

If your new home has space, it might be time to consider an addition. Home additions increase your living space and add significant value to the resale price in the future. Winter is a good time to add an extra bedroom, family room, office space or all-weather sun room as many construction firms offer discounts in the winter months.

And finally, winter is a great time to paint some rooms or maybe try a new color. If you plan on putting the house on the market soon, make sure you stay with neutral colors though.  Painting and adding finishing touches like some comfy new furniture, paintings, light fixtures, candles or other personal touches can really make a difference in making you home feel warm and cozy for the winter months ahead. 

If you’re considering a home improvement this winter, please call Olson Construction and cement for a no obligation quote at (313) 563-3777

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