How to Market Your Business Reopening on a Budget

When it comes to time to reopen your business after months of pandemic closure, it’s important to take the right steps to bring your customers back safely. Coming up with a cost-effective marketing plan is easier than you may think—if you harness social media as your primary platform, you can keep costs down while reconnecting with customers.

Power of social media

Social media marketing is one of the most common and effective forms of advertising for small businesses. There are several different platforms on which to engage your audience base, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The key is knowing which platform your audience uses most, and how to take advantage of the advertising tools and tactics available to you.

Many people use Facebook for news and entertainment, whether it’s watching funny cat videos or scanning local headlines. Facebook is great for tapping into local communities, so be sure to join local groups or pages to help anchor your business in the community. Visuals are highly important for Facebook outreach, so consider ways to craft messages that announce your reopening while also grabbing the attention of readers.

Twitter is a news and conversation platform and is excellent for reaching customers. When posting on Twitter, aim for brevity and punchy one-liners. One great way to build your following is by connecting with local influencers who can help promote your business. Use Twitter when announcing new hours, COVID-19 protocols, and safety measures.

While Instagram is firmly established as a leading social platform for marketing, its uses are more limited. It’s a highly visual platform, so your content must be image-focused. It can be harder to encourage call-to-actions through Instagram, but it is a useful platform for building out your online presence and increasing your following. Use Instagram to post photos of any changes to your store’s layout, and take advantage of the stories feature to update customers on a daily basis about your offerings or changes.

Another platform that could be worth using is LinkedIn. While it’s mainly a professional platform, small businesses can benefit from networking connections through LinkedIn. You can also use the platform to grow your email marketing list when it comes time to send a newsletter out to customers.

Changes to your business

When you’re creating your social media messages, be sure to share any changes you’ve made to your business to be pandemic-aware. For example, if you’re a restaurant and you’ve just created a new outdoor dining area, share photos of the new layout and promote any food or drink specials.

Other vital information to share includes new hours, changes to your menu or product, and any online purchasing options you’ve developed to cope with the regulations.

Business structure tips

If you’re reactivating a business that you closed during COVID-19, you may want to form a limited liability company or LLC. It’s a great business structure for many small businesses because it protects your personal assets, requires less paperwork, and has several tax advantages. Another benefit is that you can avoid hefty lawyer fees by using a formation service or filing the paperwork yourself. It’s important to check out rules and regulations in your state before you form an LLC, as every state has its own guidelines.

When you’re ready to market your reopening, use social media to develop a cost-effective plan. Determine which platform is best for sharing information, and craft messages that will make customers feel safe enough to return to your business. And if you’re reopening and want more flexibility in your business, consider forming an LLC.

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