Journey To A Stronger Core With These Easy on The Back Moves, By MKP Fitness

Journey of 500 sit ups a day challenge. 5 most effective core moves that are easy on the back.

Let’s just get to the truth of the matter. Honestly I have not been very successful at my 500 Sit Ups a day challenge. I started the first 10 days on target and intended to blog about it on a weekly basis, but that didn’t happen like my 500 Sit Ups a day commitment. I was able to keep a 200-300 average which I guess is a C at best for effort and commitment.

I have learned something, not all sit ups rank the same on how effective they are on your core. I found out everyone feels movement differently and no matter what movement it may be, traditional sit ups, Crunches, Bicycles, or any other “core” movement. You have to find the movements most effective for your body, and like I’ve learned this month that can differ person to person.

There is also my journey to find effective Ab and Core moves that are easy on the back . I’ll list 5 moves that are easier on the back at the end of this blog. I also wanted to share today with everyone to show how we all live the daily struggles and challenges of living our healthiest lives and sticking to our fitness commitments.

So what if you have a bad day, bad week, or bad month. Go right back to your commitment immediately today, right now at this moment. No need to schedule a new commitment date when you are already committed to bettering you health and your life. Right?

Officially I’ll be switching the challenge from 500 sit ups to 500 core moves to encompass and strengthen the whole core. I am back to my daily 500 CORE MOVES to tighten, strengthen, tone and hopefully cut up my abs on Monday April 22nd. Check back in on my blog day, Monday.

5 Effective Core Moves easy on the back..

1. Bird Dog

2. Dying Bug

3. Lying Windshield Wipers

4. Chair Crunch

5. Hip Lifts


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