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Keeping a Clean House with Pets

For pet owners, our furry friends are a part of the family. However, it can be a challenge to keep up with the extra cleaning that goes along with having a pet. Dogs and cats shed their hairs everywhere. If they go outside, they can bring in all kinds of germs and bugs that can pose a health risk for them and their owners. If you let your pets sleep in your bed, you could easily become infested with bed bugs or other critters that are unseen by the naked eye. Even when you sweep or vacuum, it can seem like there is more hair somewhere. Because we want a clean and healthy house, it’s vital to keep up with the house cleaning to avoid a potential health problem. To keep your home free of pet hairs, dander, unpleasant orders, germs and bugs, pet owners should follow a comprehensive room by room cleaning routine starting with the bedroom.

If your pet sleeps with you, you should give the bedroom a thorough weekly cleaning. This includes sheets and bedding, vacuuming, or washing hardwood floors, dusting and cleaning all surfaces. You should also avoid keeping clothes on the floor out which your pet may come in contact with.

Keeping your kitchen clean should be done on a daily basis. Keep floors and counter free of pet hair and never keep litter trays in the kitchen. Don’t leave dirty dishes out that can attract flies, ant or rodents. Wipe food spill immediately wipe it up.

When you own a pet, you should vacuum any carpeted areas like living rooms on a daily basis. A good vacuum cleaner is one that is specifically designed to remove pet hairs. Wipe thing like tv remotes with an antibacterial wipe often and better yet, keep them away from pets.

Pet odors can be a problem as well as air quality. A HEPA air filtration system can greatly reduce pet odors and make the air cleaner for those who suffer from allergies. For smells caused by a pet accident, try using a combination of equal parts baking soda and white vinegar for the cleanup. It works and it’s also eco-friendly and safe for your pets and family.

We love our pets and don’t mind the extra work our four-legged best friends require, however, if we keep up with our daily and weekly housecleaning, sharing our homes with our pets

As an additional tip: Brushing your dog or cat on a regular basis goes a long way to reducing the amount of hair on your carpets and floors.

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