Learning to Thrive Through Major Life Change

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The pandemic has changed life for almost everyone, whether it’s coping with self-isolation or dealing with losing a job. While some changes might be by choice, others are out of our control, such as losing the ability to attend large gatherings and having to cancel travel plans. There are both short- and long-term benefits and challenges to all these changes, whether it’s learning to cut your own hair or embarking on a new career.

Life changes

For many, one of the hardest aspects of the pandemic has been the loss of community. Many people maintain their mental health by spending time with others, and the elimination of that has caused many to feel bored and lonely. Humans are naturally social creatures—even the biggest introverts have likely still struggled with the rigid self-isolating measures adopted in many places.

As you’re dealing with the struggles, consider ways you can cope. There are things you can do to boost your mood, such as spending time outside, video chatting with friends, and taking up hobbies to keep your mind occupied. For more support and resources, check out websites such as Women Out and About.

New career ambitions

For people who have lost work, starting a new home-based career can be a great way to feel empowered. While it’s a great time to pour your energy into a new venture, remember to stay productive by avoiding multitasking.

While it may seem like you can send emails in the middle of an accounting session, it’s not recommended to multitask if you’re trying to work efficiently. It lowers your attention span, leaving you with little energy to complete each task with focus. Your concentration will suffer, meaning you won’t be able to do your best work if you’re multitasking.

Another negative side effect of multitasking is that it hampers your creativity. Ideas come from the prefrontal cortex of your brain, and this area can only really focus on one task at a time. If you constantly jump from one idea or task to the next, you’ll put additional burden on your brain and will keep your creative juices from flowing.

Multitasking often increases stress, because you’ll be racing through tasks so quickly, you won’t have time to allow your brain to mellow out between ideas or projects. Instead of multitasking, focus on time management as a way to boost productivity and lower your stress levels.

Ways you can learn to cope

Along with starting a new home-based business, there are other ways to cope with major life changes caused by the pandemic.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet for a while, adopting one during the pandemic could be a great way to cope with loneliness or boredom. Animals are proven to reduce stress levels, and if you get a dog, you’ll also have the bonus of getting more exercise as you take him out for walks.

Other ways to cope with life changes include finding new hobbies to help pass the time or help you feel more productive. You can also learn to cut your own hair if you’re no longer content with your pandemic shag.

If you have a large backyard or front lawn, consider planting a garden. Along with the benefits of getting fresh air and vitamin D, you’ll also feel productive and empowered through the process. You’ll likely build self-esteem by learning something new and will combat loneliness by giving yourself a reason to get outside every day.

Even if it feels like your life has been flipped upside-down, there are ways to cope with big changes that have come with the pandemic. Remember that even the most difficult changes can have silver linings: losing your job might finally free you up for a more creative and satisfying career with a home-based business. And, remember these coping mechanisms when life feels difficult.

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