Looking For a Family Photographer?


1. Type of Photographer: Lifestyle Photographer vs. Traditional Photographer

Lifestyle photographers are growing in popularity, but if you aren’t in the industry, you might be wondering — “What is a lifestyle photographer?”

Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that focuses on capturing connections and moments that happen organically. It focuses less on getting the perfect portrait with everyone looking directly at the camera with the perfect smile, but more on capturing the feeling of the family’s connections. It is perfect for little wigglers.

Traditional portrait photographers focus more heavily on posing and getting the perfect shot with everyone looking directly at the camera.

Decision Tip: While both styles of photography are beautiful it comes down to what you want most from your portraits and what aligns more with your family style. 

2. Style of Photographer

Photographers are artists and will typically have a signature style or look and feel to their work. There are so many classifications of “styles” of photography from Light and Airy to Dark and Moody to Timeless and more.

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