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Juggling all the pieces of our lives can be challenging. Between work, family, friends, shopping, preparing family meals, getting the kids, or yourself, to soccer practice, it can seem like there’s never enough time. In addition to all our other obligations, we must keep up our homes, and whether you live alone in a small house or have a family of 6 in a larger home, keeping your house clean and organized is time consuming work. Consider these benefits if you are contemplating hiring a weekly housekeeping service.

  1.  Professional housekeepers are trained to provide professional results. Their customers will benefit from a high-quality cleaning, that if done correctly, will allow homeowners to have an easier time maintaining.
  2.  A professional cleaning will help make the air that you breath cleaner and reduce allergens as well as provide a germ free environment. By removing dust and dirt and disinfecting your kitchen and bathrooms, you and your family can live healthier in a home free from disease-causing germs and bacteria.
  3.  Homeowners can easily spend between 8 to 12 hours cleaning house every week. That’s the equivalent to a full day of work at your job. Time is important and we all must make decisions about how we want to spend our time.
  4.  When you hire a housekeeping service like Reflections Extreme Clean, they’ll provide all the eco-friendly cleaning materials, disinfectants, and other cleaning supplies needed to give you a fully cleaned and disinfected home. You can stop buying toxic and expensive cleaning products and still have a fully cleaned and germ-free home while using products that are safe for your pets and children.
  5.  If you find you’re constantly losing your keys or misplacing important items, having your home professionally cleaned and organized might just solve that problem and spare you a lot of frustration.
  6.  A clean and organized environment is relaxing and can help reduce stress.
  7.  You may think of a house cleaning service as an added expense. However, when you consider the eight extra hours you free up each week could be used for work, you might be ahead of the game financially speaking. Even if you choose to spend that eight extra hours enjoying your loved ones or having down-time, that’s time that’ll make your life better.
  8.  Polls have shown that those who have housekeepers rank significantly higher when it comes to their well-being, and lower in their stress and anxiety than those who do their own housekeeping.
  9.  Hiring a housekeeper will make you more productive because you will be free from the distractions of a cluttered and messy home. Also, when your home feels clean and organized, you may just want to entertain more.

Whether you hire someone to clean your home or install your new surround sound or mow your lawn, the point is, allowing someone else perform these tasks is a weight off your mind and a task you can remove from your already too long to-do list.

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