Take Care of Your Skin this Summer by Mid-Michigan Soaps

When you think about summer, you might imagine a golden tan and a smooth, heathy and radiant glow to your skin. In truth, summer can do a number on your skin from premature aging, to brown spots, to sunburn to sweating, mosquito bites and even skin cancer. Summer fun and healthy skin can be easily achieved with a few simple precautions.

  1. Don’t wait until summer to start taking care of your skin. Preventing sun damage and moisturizing should be a year-round daily regimen.
  2. Use Sun Screen throughout the year. The UVA rays are just as powerful in the winter even though the rays that burn your skin are not as powerful. Get in the habit of applying SPF protection every day before you leave the house. Re-apply every 2 hours if you are doing any outdoor activity.
  3. Try to Never Get a Burn. Once you have burned your skin, the damage is done, particularly if you’re fair skinned. A blistering sunburn can double your risk of a future melanoma. Look for a natural sunscreen that is chemical free and safe for your skin. Have your doctor check you at each visit for any changes to the skin.
  4. Ditch the store-bought moisturizer in favor of moisturizers made from ingredients like coconut oil and shay butter. Moisturizing is vital year-round but especially in the summer
  5. Drink Water. The heat in the summer and more time outside can easily lead to dehydration which can leave you feeling tired, cause headaches and even get dizzy. Try for 8 ounces of water every day. Your body and your skin will thank you.
  6. Control the Sweat. Summer sweating can lead to rashes and itchy skin. Try getting used to the summer heat gradually, wear cotton clothing and use cold compresses if you plan to be out in the heat. For anti-perspirants and deodorants, don’t do more damage to your health and skin by using products that are packed with toxic ingredients. Natural deodorant products have no aluminum, propane, talc, propylene glycol or butane and contain no animal products.
  7. Try a Facial Scrub. As sun damage begins to occur, the outer layer of skin becomes thicker which can cause clogged pores and skin breakouts. Exfoliation removes dead, dull skin and is the key to fresher, younger looking skin.
  8. Avoid Mosquitos! When you’re out, especially at dusk, mosquitos are going to bite. Mosquitos can carry West Nile Virus, Encephalitis and more. Some of the over-the-counter repellants are full of deet and other harmful chemicals. Opt for healthy bug off soaps and spays that will safely keep the mosquitos away!
  9. Stop the Itch. If you do get bit, there are a number of healthy anti-itch and pain solutions for bug bites as well as poison ivy. Take a look at the products listed here and below.

Don’t let the summer wreak havoc on your skin! At Mid-Michigan Soaps, we have products to keep your skin healthy all year long. Below are links to some of our most popular products.

Sun Screen

Bug Off


Facial Scrub

Pain & Itch Stick

Poison Ivy Soap


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