Thinning Eyelashes? You’re Not Alone!

It is extremely normal for our eyelashes to thin and fall out as we age. This happens for a number of different reasons.

  • One main reason for eyelash hair loss is due to hormonal changes which is completely normal but unfortunately can slow production and growth of eyelashes.
  • As we age, our skin starts to get a little dryer and your eyelashes may lose the ability to retain moisture. Dry eyelashes can lead to thinning or damaged eyelashes.
  • Heredity is another factor in eyelash health. Some people are genetically prone to shed more hair than others. 30 million women in America suffer from this condition called androgenetic alopecia.
  • Medical Conditions relating to the thyroid and immune system that also affect your eyelashes. If you’re noticing sudden hair loss it is wise to have yourself checked out by your doctor to rule out a medical reason for the breakage or loss of your lashes.
  • Rubbing your eyelashes will cause them to break or fall off prematurely. When this happens, it can take longer than normal to grow them back. If you’re an eye rubber, be gentle and keep your hands clean.

What can you do to avoid or reduce eyelash loss or grow back beautiful long lashes? Although the aging process is inevitable, and thinning eyelashes is completely normal as we age, there are a number of ways to retain your eyelashes and your youthful look.

  • A diet that is rich in Vitamins H, E, C and B6 can encourage the growth of your eyelashes and maintain the health of your current lashes by reducing the chances of dry and brittle lashes.
  • Using organic and hypoallergenic makeup causes less damage to your eyelashes than products that are labeled as waterproof. Avoid eyelash curling if possible and always take your eye makeup off before going to bed.
  • Never pull or tug at your eyelashes. 
  • Cosmetic products available at any department stores contain vitamins and moisturizers that can rehydrate the lashes and keep them healthy and strong. These products can also be costly.
  • In more serious cases, false eyelashes or eyelash transplants can be considered.

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Fabulashes is Mid-Michigan Soaps newest and most popular essential oil blend. While department stores sell their products for as much as $100 or more, our product sells for only $15.

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