Time for Spring Cleaning, by Reflections Extreme Clean

Spring is here and it’s time to clean all those places you
don’t get to during weekly cleanings. A good place to
start is with your windows. Now that the sun is shining,
the grass is turning green, the tulips are popping and the
temperatures are rising, you’re going to want to enjoy it
from the inside as well as the outside. After the windows
are clean inside and out you can lower the blinds and
use a duster or vacuum to dust them. If you have
curtains, you can vacuum them or through them through
into the washing machine. Be sure to wash according to
washing instructions on the curtain labels. Here are
some additional spring-cleaning options to consider:
 Think about giving your welcome mats a good
cleaning or consider replacing them. Same goes for
the carpets at your entryways.
 Ovens and microwaves can build up a lot of food
stains and burned on debris. Use your device’s self-
cleaning function if you have that option, if not, you
can place a hot, wet cloth on top of bad spots to
help soften the dried-on gunk. Leave for several

hours or overnight and use a scouring cloth to clean.
This might help you avoid the nasty fumes of those
toxic oven cleaners. Microwaves can be cleaned by
placing a damp cleaning rag inside and heating for
30 seconds. This method will remove even the most
stubborn burned on foods, but beware, the rag
might be quite hot at first.
 While you’re in the kitchen, pull out the fridge and
stove and sweep and wash behind them. Unless
you do this often, it’s probably a mess.
 Another great kitchen cleanup is to remove all items
from your cupboards and give the shelves a good
wipe down. Then as you put back the items, you can
rearrange them more neatly and recycle or give
away the items you no longer need or use.
 Refrigerators need to be emptied and thoroughly
cleaned a few times a year at least. Take everything
out, wipe down shelves with warm soapy water, to
remove food bacteria and discard items that have
exceeded their expiration date.

 Vacuum everywhere! This means moving furniture
around a bit.
 Clean out closets and drawers. Get rid of or give
away anything you no longer need or wear.
 Since spring cleaning season is all about focusing
on the spots you mostly ignore the rest of the year,
it’s now time to get at the dust and cobwebs on your
ceilings, light fixtures and ceiling fans.
 Did you know shower curtains can go into the
washing machine? Wash shower curtains with a
couple towels and hang them to dry. It’ll really
freshen up your bathroom. If it’s time for a new one,
replacing an old or worn shower curtain can give
your bathroom a nice facelift.
 Bathroom tiles and grout can get mold and film
growing on them due to the constant moisture. Get
some grout and tile cleaner and they’ll look like new.
There are many eco-friendly ways to clean tile and
grout. You can do some research yourself or ask

your house cleaner, if you have one, to recommend
 While we might change our sheets often,
comforters, bedspreads and pillow are often
overlooked. They should be cleaned at least 3 times
a year. Before you wash theses items, check the
labels for washing instructions.
 For a fresh smell in your kitchen sink, run a couple
lemon rinds through the disposal with cold water.
Spring cleaning is a lot of work but the rewards of a
clean and organized home are well worth it. And
remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself.
Professional housekeeping services like Reflections
Extreme Clean are available to help you get your home
ready for spring.
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