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A clean house is something we all enjoy. It’s comfortable as well as healthy to keep a clean home. For many, keeping the house clean can be an uphill task, especially for those who work full time and have children and/or pets. While keeping a clean and organized home might seem daunting, it is doable. With a good plan and a possible shift in daily habits, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean home.

Here are 10 tips to follow to help you get started.


Make the bed every morning as soon as you get up. It only takes a few minutes and is a great habit to get into.  When it’s time to go back to bed at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy a neat space to rest and relax. Likewise, as soon as you change your clothes, either put them in a laundry basket or rehang them so they’re not laying on the floor or scattered on the bed. Encourage all family members to do the same.


The kitchen is the focal point of your home. Unwashed dishes and dirty pots and pans make a house look dirty.  The more the dirty dishes pile up in the sink, the harder it is to scrape dried food from them and ultimately takes more of your time to get the job done. With a sink full of dirty dishes, it also makes it harder to use your kitchen. Washing dishes and cookware or loading them into the dishwasher after each meal, keeps your kitchen looking clean and spotless and more inviting for family and guests.


Vacuuming only takes a couple of minutes and leaves the house clean. It also keeps the house looking presentable as well as removing the dust, dirt and allergens that affect the health of your family. Having a good vacuum cleaner, that is efficient and easy to use, makes the job a lot more pleasant, so, if you need a new vacuum, treat yourself to a good one.


Trash is unsightly, can cause unpleasant odors and make your home appear unclean. It’s an easy chore that can make a huge difference. If you have family members, share the task.


If you don’t use it, don’t need it or don’t want it, donate, sell or toss it out. Too much stuff causes cluttering and makes your house seem untidy. Same goes for the daily mail. We all get a lot of junk mail so make sure you toss unwanted mail immediately. If you’re getting a lot of bills in the mail, consider going all electronic. Most credit card companies, mortgage lenders and others, will happily convert you to paperless billing.


Putting your things back in their proper place when you’re done using them will not only make your house seem tidier, it will help you find those items when you need to use them. For this to work, you need to designate where items are to be stored and get all household members on board. It can be frustrating when you can’t remember where you left an item and no one remembers who used it last.

WIPE bathroom and kitchen SURFACES After use

It’s a lot easier to wipe a surface clean after one use than waiting until grease and grime build up. Wiping down kitchen and bathroom areas after use can also cut down on colds and flues that get passed around from family member to family member. Wipe and disinfect surfaces such as sinks, counter-tops and stove-tops after each use and do bathroom surfaces daily.


Laundry isn’t the most fun chore but keeping up with it makes a lot less overwhelming, especially if you have a large family. Designate a day of the week and just get it done. If you have a lot of loads, do a load every day and make sure you don’t leave the clothes in the laundry basket after clean. Wash, dry and put the clothes away as one chore.

SHOES should be put AWAY

Shoes all over the house are unsightly, full of germs and make the house look messy. Shoes off at the door is the best policy and will prevent the spread germs and dirt into your house. If you keep all the dirty shoes by the door, preferably in a closet or shoe rack, your shoe problem can be easily solved.

And lastly, DO a little SOMETHING EACH DAY

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, try and do a little cleaning every day. If cleaning isn’t how you want to spend your free time, remember, there’s no shame in asking for help. A professional housekeeper can help you manage your cleaning chores so you can focus your time on things you would rather be doing.

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