What Documents do I Need for Car Insurance and When? Heidi Stenson

There are a number of different documents that come with your car insurance and you do not want to get stuck with the wrong one in the wrong situation. Here are the three primary auto insurance items you may end up needing and the most common scenarios you’ll need them for.

Insurance ID Card
This is the one you’ll want to keep in your vehicle. The most common situations you will need this “proof of insurance” for are:

  • Registering a vehicle
  • Obtaining a vehicle inspection
  • Providing proof of insurance to a law enforcement officer or agency

Verification of Insurance
Similarly-named, but slightly more detailed, this document is for when you need proof that you have certain coverages. This will most often be requested when  purchasing a new automobile by car dealerships and/or financial institutions.

Declarations Page
This is the summary of your policy that you’ll want to keep for your reference (or if you need to provide additional detail on specific aspects of your policy).

As you may have noticed, Michigan has many of its own rules and regulations when it comes to auto insurance. Our agents are Michigan-based and they understand the unique needs of Great Lakes state motorists and how to protect them. If you’re unsure of what your policy covers or if you want to avoid other surprises when it comes to your car insurance, Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan agents are located conveniently near you (anywhere in the state!) and would love to help.

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