What Now! I’m bored & Lonely

While we are all staying home more and social distancing, many people may feel lonely and bored.  There are a few things you can do to pass the time and make you feel better though.

First, check on family, friends and neighbors to make sure they have everything they need, including food and medications.

Also, make sure you get outside every day, just a walk around the block if you can.

Remember to also support your local businesses. If you’re worried about going into a restaurant, order a carry out. Many restaurants are offering curbside  pickups.

Start a routine. For example, Breakfast, morning walk,  work remotely from home, if that’s what you’re doing or spend time cleaning a room in your house or organizing a closet. Have lunch, Binge watch a few TV shows, make some phone calls or spend an hour on social media to connect with your friends.

You may feel alone but we’re all in this together.

Best Shows to Binge Watch

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